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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lack of Attitude - Seafarers

Any incident / accident involved so many reasons (Human error, Tech error etc).
We are receiving regular feedback from seafarers that quality of onboard staff as well Suptd has also gone down over the years .

Also almost all of the company are aware of it. But Nothing being done - in spite of frequent seminar at each location.
Revision to STCW 2010 as planned have some more tougher to improve the process of certification, but again there is no firm rule to improve ATTITUDE of seafarers.
Staff need more salary, less contract period, faster promotion but less care about his jobs. Most of time Staff on board Treat this job as PART TIME job and forget that this is his main Job.
Onboard staff need to change / review his attitude as per demanding situation. We should not forget that if all gone bad in life due financial stability then sailing on board only save you. There is numerous example that seafarers returning back to sea after 20-30 yrs, in a age when he should relax peacefully at home with grand kids.

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  1. No one looking seriously on this matter